bRing unveiled

In a space, where the single-pool staking ecosystem is overly saturated and yields lackluster rewards, we are excited to bRing you a tool, aimed at eliminating the current market inefficiencies. bRing is a decentralized cross-chain platform, enabling the multiple tokens’ farming via staking of a single coin.

By combining a set of all-rounded and unique projects in a pool, we enable the cumulative farming with the help of a single token, thereby increasing the potential revenue our users may generate. Our first goal is to bRing an operational diversified platform to the Ethereum network, with plans to organize a fully functioning BSC bridge to attract more liquidity and community participation to our protocol.

Our innovational referral system is yet another unique feature our experienced team of blockchain developers bRings to the table. It incentivizes our community to invite other participants to the established pools, rewarding those they refer and themselves with higher yields.

bRing’s user interface offers a seamless transition from other similar platforms, while also building upon the existing projects in the space, providing our community members with simple and convenient user experience.

Our staking solution will offer cross-platform-generated yields, with a sole requirement to stake a single project’s token. In addition, the imbedded gamification feature incentivizes the participants to stay for the entire duration of farming, since they will largely benefit from the accumulated rewards.

At first, we plan to launch 90 days pools to establish the trust of our community (i.e. if you begin staking on the first day, you can stake for the next 90 days, however, the longer you wait the shorter the period gets). As we move ahead, 180 days pools will be launched, yielding larger rewards to our community members. We are very happy to bRing you the pools of many exceptional projects and there are more exciting news to come.

Stay tuned to our future announcements!



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bRing is a decentralized cross-chain platform, enabling farming of multiple tokens via staking of a single coin.