BRING.FINANCE Partners With Polkalokr

With token ecosystems often complex trust issues arise and things are far from simple. Polkalokr, a vastly customisable escrow, created a multi-chain token escrow platform that acts as the solution to the trust issues.

In a sense, the platform puts token distribution into the hands of network participants through governance-as-a-service. With the help of the platform it’s users can eliminate human error and potential scams along with mismanagement of tokens.

In addition to the “LOKR” product described above, Polkalokr offers a product called “SWAPR”.
SWAPR is a cross-chain token swapping peer-to-peer protocol. It offers full privacy and multi-signature options to its users. The Oracle feeds allow for the swaps to be instant or event based depending on the need of the user.

Behind Polkalokr there is a highly talend team and board of advisors that drives it to success. We at BRing.finaice truly believe and stand by Polkalokr and are eager to cooperate with the project and move the DeFi world forward!

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