BRING.FINANCE Partners With Smaugs

World-first AI-Powered NFT Marketplace where users can sell their digital assets as NFT tokens. bRing is proud to present our new partnership with Smaugs!

Smaugs has created its own marketplace that is fully custom DeFi, governance, and NFT ecosystem. Smaugs operate on Binance Smart Chain. By creating NTF Tokens in Smaugs marketplace its users can increase their earnings by earning Smaugs Tokens.

In addition, the platform allows its users to stake Smaugs tokens along with other partnering projects via their Tosdis dapp. The platform allows the use of multiple tokens thus it provides a wide variety of payment methods and due to it being on the BSC network the transaction fees are considerably low. Smaugs is a PancakeSwap listed project and their tokens can be bought there.

The project has a very strong road map that has been executed accurately until today.

All of the contracts that the system operates on have been audited by Certik. Smaugs tokenomics are transparent and can be viewed in their whitepaper.

Follow Smaugs and see their new releases at the below SM links:

Website | Telegram | Twitter | GitHub | Discord |



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