BRING.FINANCE Partners With Teneo

As they say, HODL for Latin is TENEO! bRing is glad to announce that Teneo.Finance is our latest parter!

The platform offers a three-layered incentivized protocol for hodlers. This is powered with the help of the TENEO token and market optimization. The multi-layered yield generation protocol offers its users to swap tokens for their ten-tokens counterpart. Thus having the ability to earn from the price deviations.

In addition, the platform offers sustainable liquidity farming that solves the problem of unsustainable annual percentage yields. The platform focuses on correlating TENEO’s price with the volume and TVL generated by the protocol rather than adopting an intensive liquidity mining program that often results in a constantly decreasing price.

TENEO’s system is designed to open triangular arbitrage opportunities. It increases the spread between tokens and their TEN-token counterparts as liquidity pools accumulate reflows.

Here is a short 3-minute video as an introduction to Teneo:

To understand further on TENEO system we recommend reading their Lightpaper. The project has a strong team of developers behind it and is backed by the best DeFI advisors out there.

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