BRING.FINANCE Partners With Weld

Weld serves as a bridge between crypto and traditional finance. Unlike any other rival, this is where contemporary cryptocurrencies interact with established financial methods.

Weld enables smooth ApplePay and GooglePay integration. They also have a safe and clear financial flow enabling you to conduct tax-free cryptocurrency transactions. Allowing you to add any wallet from a third-party provider or crypto exchange. Payment by Visa MC (GooglePay / ApplePay), is supported, just like a regular bank account or card. You have one application to manage everything, from fiat cards/accounts to cryptocurrency wallets.

Weld also offers a native utility token called WELD. Weld is a BEP20 and ERC20 token that initially started on the 22nd of September 2021. With the price being $0.075 per WELD during the ICO sale. In 2021, they planned to launch in the RU, EU and they plan to launch it in the US by June 2022. They are also planning to integrate with banks in Ukraine this year as well as to further integrate with other cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets.

They also host an amazing team of entrepreneurs, software engineers and developers, visual designers, and an amazing successful board of advisors that all play a key role in the company, and they are continually striving for success and further company growth.

We are super excited to have partnered with this amazing company along with the team members and we can’t wait to see where this leads us!

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