BRING.FINANCE Partners With Yarloo

Yarloo is a gaming-centric platform that focuses on empowering their community by sharing revenue using their very own RST (Revenue Sharing Token) technology. Its main flagship product is a Trading Card Game that allows you to utilize NFTs in one of the most thrilling PVE and PVP experiences in crypto gaming!

With Yarloo you will be able to access its NFT marketplace, NFTShore, once it’s launched later this year. Also, the project will be offering token staking using their own wallet Yarloo Coffers. The token that can be staked with the help of its very own wallet is $YARL.

In addition, Yarloo aims to be the world’s first project that successfully implements “Revenue Sharing Token” technology. This will allow its community to receive 30% of Yarloo’s profits that can be used in the ecosystem that it is built on. The platform will be available on both Polygon and BSC networks with a total supply of 25,000,000 $YARL

To read more on the project’s tokenomics, its concept in general check out their pitch deck

The project has a solid roadmap outlined and we at bRing are eager to see where this partnership will take us!

Follow Yarloo at:

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