bRing on Harmony

Harmony Grant

Big news guys! We’re applying for a grant on Harmony, an open consensus blockchain empowering thousands of decentralized economies around the world.

We chose to launch on Harmony because it aligns with our project’s core principles, to provide users with affordable, easily accessible DeFi services. Harmony also has multiple bridges between leading blockchains, like Ethereum and Binance for example. By building our platform on Harmony, we can bridge our tokens to other blockchains easily.

What’s more, doing business on Harmony is much cheaper and faster than on other blockchains. Their mainnet runs Ethereum applications in only two seconds at fees 1000 times lower.

We think bRing would be a great fit for the Harmony ecosystem. Our updated staking functions will help young projects on Harmony boost their liquidity. Launching our staking pools on the Harmony blockchain will be beneficial to both projects and users. Stay updated on this proposal process on our socials. Read the proposal for yourself on Harmony’s forum.

On that note, we’re psyched to be taking part in the first Harmony-hosted conference in Kiev!

Conference in Kiev

bRing will be participating in the first native Harmony protocol meetup in Kiev on February 19, Harmony Developers and Creators Day! This event is a great opportunity to learn more about this thriving blockchain, its unique features, as well as network with projects that already won grants. bRing will be represented by two of our very own speakers. If you’re in the neighborhood, don’t miss out on this opportunity, admission is free!

More to Come Soon

We have a lot planned for the near future, most importantly, the release of bRing 2.0! The smart contracts are already audited, we’re just putting the final touches on the platform and it will be up and running soon. Stay connected on our socials for more details about the new and improved bRing.

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