Bring Finance Roadmap to Success for 2022

2 min readApr 6, 2022


Our team planned out a detailed roadmap for success for 2022. Essentially, we plan to grow our project and community and streamline our DeFi features, making bRing a more useful, valuable DeFi platform. You can read a simplified version of our 2022 Roadmap on our website. For now, we’ll talk you through our goals for each quarter 👇

Q1 2022

bRing is already forging ahead as planned this first quarter. We’ve already had the smart contract for bRing 2.0 audited by Hacken, a security consulting company with a focus on blockchain. In their official report, they gave our smart contract the possible highest rating and stated that their auditors only found low-severity issues, so well-done to our development team! 🥳

With our new platform comes a new kind of staking: single-stake pools. Once the first pool is finished, we’ll press on to meet our goal of 10 pools in the first quarter 😎

As for expanding to other blockchains, we’ve launched on Harmony by applying for a grant. We think bRing would be a great fit for the Harmony ecosystem. Stay updated on the proposal process on our socials and read the proposal for yourself on Harmony’s forum.

Lastly, we’ve launched our very own token bridge — $BRNG Bridge! This allows us to connect to other blockchains, giving our users even more DeFi opportunities.

Q2 2022

We plan to pick up the pace in the second quarter and launch 20 pools on various blockchains. Blockchains we plan on adding in Q2 are: Optimism, Arbitrum, and Fantom Connection. Each will play an important role in bRing’s evolution.

We’re also planning to launch an Ambassador Program in the second quarter. This will be a great opportunity for DeFi fans and influencers to rep our project, grow the community, and earn rewards!

We also plan to continue growing our project to reach 10,000 active users and a $10,000,000 TVL 💪🏻

Q3 2022

In the third quarter, we’ll continue to build on our project’s foundations by connecting bRing to three more blockchains, launching 30 pools, and reaching our goal of 15,000 active users. What’s more, we’ll get our token listed on even more wallets 💪🏻

Q4 2022

In the final part of 2022, we’ll work on improving every aspect of our project. We’ll strive to streamline token buying and liquidity-adding functionality, making bRing a platform even DeFi newcomers can use with ease. We’ll continue to grow our project to 20,000 active users, raise our TVL to $25,000,000, and launch 30 pools on various blockchains 💪🏻

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bRing is a decentralized cross-chain platform, enabling farming of multiple tokens via staking of a single coin.