BSC network support launching soon on bRing platform

Binance Smart Chain has been enjoying a steady growth throughout the 2021. The network’s rise in popularity has been clearly reflected in the price of its operational token — BNB, which traded at more than $650 back in early May.

Network’s growth has been especially prominent if we consider PancakeSwap, a Uniswap-like provider on BSC network. The userbase number has been reaching new heights as the platform broke the 10 billion TVL milestone.

With the BSC fees, fraction of those over at the Ethereum network, it is becoming a very attractive option to utilize its benefits, especially at the time when Ethereum price soars and the network struggles with congestions.

At the time of writing this article, the total number of transactions on BSC network is close to 12 million and with the upcoming NFT marketplace launch in June, BSC is going to attract even more attention and users.

This is why it is our belief that providing bRing services on BSC is crucial for the long-term prosperity of our platform. It is our pleasure to announce that BSC network support implementation is close by and we are planning to release it soon after the first Ring launches on Ethereum.

We believe that providing multi-network support will offer more opportunities for farming for our users and increase the number of available pools. We cannot wait to share more on that front with you!



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bRing is a decentralized cross-chain platform, enabling farming of multiple tokens via staking of a single coin.