BSC Status Report!

When we talk about Decentralized Finance we are essentially talking about numbers. bRing to date has launched pools both on Ethereum networks and Bincance Smart Chain. Our Ethereum launch was a major success and we are speeding up our efforts to launch our next ETH staking pools within a few weeks!

Just like the success that we had with ETH we are sure we will have with the BSC pools. Let’s take a deeper dive and review all of the participating projects and let the numbers do the talking.

With 67 days left the time to stake and reap the rewards is now!

  • Yellow Road’s token ROAD that grew by 5.64% in the last 24 hours currently has 3,879 holders. All of these holders are able to gain profits from staking on bRing’s BSC pools as the APY for that pool is at 806.75%

ROAD Token Address: 0x1a3057027032a1af433f6f596cab15271e4d8196

  • Hedget’s token HGET in the last 24 hours had a whopping trading volume of $297,648 USD! With a rapid staking rate HGET pool is already 28.70% filled up and has an APY of 104.49%

HGET Token Address: 0xc7d8d35eba58a0935ff2d5a33df105dd9f071731

  • APYswap’s token APYS currently has a 273.99% APY in our pools. At the moment 2,389 APYS holders can earn the rewards from staking!

APYS Token Address: 0x37dfACfaeDA801437Ff648A1559d73f4C40aAcb7

  • And of course our very own BRNG token has a strong 407.35% APY! At the moment the pool is 7.36% filled up and still has plenty of space for staking.

BRNG Token Address:0x939D5A13cf0074586a2Dcf17bC692B2D3CCdD517

It’s important to keep in mind that when staking any of the above tokens you are receiving rewards in all of the tokens!

For you to be fully equipped to start staking on we recommend watching the below videos:

  1. How To Invite Your Friends
  2. How To Buy BRNG And Create Liquidity
  3. How To Stake

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bRing is a decentralized cross-chain platform, enabling farming of multiple tokens via staking of a single coin.

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bRing is a decentralized cross-chain platform, enabling farming of multiple tokens via staking of a single coin.

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