Creating liquidity on Pancakeswap BRNG/BNB

3 min readApr 5, 2022

Hello everyone, today we are going to show you how to create liquidity on Pancakeswap using BRNG/BNB. First you’ll need to add BRNG tokens to your digital wallet. We’ll use Metamask here but the process will be more or less the same for any digital wallet.

First we’ll need BRNGs contract address, which you can find by typing BRNG in the search bar on BSCScan.

Open Metamask, scroll down and click on “Import Tokens” at the bottom of the page. Copy and paste the token contract address: 0x939d5a13cf0074586a2dcf17bc692b2d3ccdd517

The token symbol and decimals should fill in automatically. Click “Add Custom Token”, then click “Import Tokens”. And we’ve successfully added BRNG tokens on Metamask.

Now you can view and manage BRNG tokens in Metamask. Keep in mind that they are on Binance Smart Chain, so you can send them to any address on the BEP-20 network.

Next we’ll go to pancake swap to add liquidity.

Go to, Trade, and select “Liquidity” from the dropdown list.

Click on “Add Liquidity” and enter BNB in the top “select a currency” field and bRing’s contract address in the bottom field.

bRing (BRNG) contract address: 0x939d5a13cf0074586a2dcf17bc692b2d3ccdd517

Add bRing’s contract address and click “Connect Wallet”.

“Select Metamask” from the available wallet options and the platform will connect your wallet automatically.

At this point an unknown source warning may appear. Click “I understand” in the bottom left and “Import”.

Enter the amount of BNB you wish to add or click “MAX” and then “Approve”.

A window will appear confirming the transaction. Review and click “Confirm Supply”.

A Metamask confirmation window will appear. Review and click “Confirm”.

If you want, you can click on “View on BSCscan” to view the transaction details.

Next click “Add Cake LP to Metamask”. A Metamask notification will appear, and we’ll click “Add token”. And we’ve successfully added liquidity to our token.

If we close the pop-ups, we can view the details on the liquidity page, where we can see our pooled BRNG, BNG, and percentage share of the pool. You can also add more liquidity or remove it here.

That’s all from us. Now that you know how to create liquidity for BRNG using Pancakeswap, why not try staking those BRNG-LP tokens on our new platform? bRing 2.0 is now fully functional and ready for staking. Join us on our website and follow our socials to get the latest.

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