Crypto Gaming: the future of gaming or a waste of time?

3 min readDec 13, 2021


Gaming is currently more popular than ever thanks to lockdowns. As citizens shut themselves up in their homes to avoid the virus, more and more turned to gaming for entertainment. It’s understandable. Games offer players an alternative to daily life, an escape from reality. When your reality is being stuck in your apartment for weeks on end, who doesn’t need a little distraction?

Blockchain gaming is also on the rise. This new kind of gaming combines the fun and entertainment of normal video games with the ability to earn crypto or NFTs. It’s turned out to be a winning combination. A notable crypto game Decentraland has already reached $1 billion in revenue and continues to grow.

In short, crypto gaming is a trend that’s catching on and attracting investors like never before. But what makes these games work and how are they different from normal games?

What is Crypto Gaming?

Normal games are centralized and their assets can only be used within that particular game or system. For example, if you play Call of Duty on Playstation you can only use your XP, achievements, and awards for Call of Duty. Also, you can’t transfer those assets to another system like XBox.

Crypto gaming solves this problem. Thanks to blockchain technology, players can exchange gaming assets between both games and platforms. What’s more, gamers can earn crypto assets while playing. These play-to-earn games work differently but perform the same function: they let you play and earn simultaneously.

This revolutionary idea is changing the gaming industry. Think about it, would you rather play a game for free or earn money while playing?

How Does Crypto Gaming Work?

Normal games already include features that crypto games use. Gamers use fiat currencies for in-game purchases and pay-to-play features. But in crypto games, gamers can own these assets and even sell or trade them.

Crypto games can either use blockchain for in-game transactions or as the foundation for the whole game. When the whole game is built on the blockchain, everything that happens in it becomes part of the blockchain. Meaning it is stored as blocks. Different games use NFTs for game assets, so users can exchange, buy, and sell achievements and items for fiat currency. The main aspect that differentiates crypto from normal games is that they are decentralized.

How Can I Start Gaming Already?

If you like what you’ve read so far and can’t wait to start gaming, hold on a sec, there are a few things you need before you can start playing. First, you’ll need some crypto. You can buy crypto on exchanges with your bank card.

Find a crypto exchange that works for you and your currency. Once you’ve got it, you’ll need a place to store it. This is where crypto wallets come in. Like a normal wallet, crypto wallets let you store your assets. There are many different wallets to choose from so pick one that fits your needs.

Finally, find the right game for you. There are thousands of crypto games out there, with everything from first person shooters to RPGs. Whatever your preference, you can find a crypto game for it.


Crypto gaming continues to grow and attract more players and investors every day. What makes it special is how it creates decentralized economies where gamers can exchange assets between platforms. We at Bring.Finance view crypto as the future of gaming.

If your parents ever told you that video games were a waste of time, now is your chance to prove them wrong. But first, you’ll need some crypto. Check out our website to learn how to get crypto like a reward for staking and start your crypto way today!

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