Earn Even More Rewards with our New Referral Program

2 min readMar 11, 2022

What’s up guys? We know you’re anxious to stake on bRing 2.0, but before you do, let us give you one more reason to stake on bRing 2.0.

If you staked on the old bRing, then you probably used the old referral system. This gave you 5% of the pool’s profit and your invitee 5% of the tokens you earned staking. The new system provides both you and your referrals with more opportunities to earn. Now you can earn rewards from 3 sources instead of 1. Most importantly, the more you and your referrals stake, the bigger your rewards will be.

Our referral program has three levels: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd level referrals. You receive rewards from your referral’s staking reward amount. The reward size depends on their level and the amount of their staking reward.

Let’s say you invite your first person. You get 3% of their staking reward — they are your 1st level referral. Then the person you invited invites someone else — they are your 2nd level referral. You get 2% of their staking reward.

The chain continues. Your 2nd level referral invites someone. Now you have your 3rd level referral and get 1% of their reward.

At this point you’re probably wondering, “This is all well and good, but when do I get paid?” After all, you’re here to earn rewards, right? Not to worry. Your reward will be sent to your wallet automatically as soon as each of your referrals unstake.

First, the reward is deposited for the person you invited — your 1st level referral. Next, the reward is deposited for your 2nd level referral. That is, the person that your 1st level referral invited, not the person you invited. Finally, the reward is deposited for your 3rd level referral. That is, the person that your 2nd level referral invited, not you.

Pay attention that the user who has staked using the referral link also receives a +4% bonus to his staking reward.

That’s why the new referral system is even more interesting and profitable for users.

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