How Aurora+ Makes Our Life Better?

3 min readMay 20, 2022

As we know, the happiest person is the one who has many good and reliable friends. Friendship and relationships contribute to personal growth and the development of many new qualities for both parties. The bRing team certainly knows how to find good friends for themselves because we are talking about the Aurora network. Recently, our talented partners have released a new development called Aurora+. It is a new unique mechanic, which today we will study in detail. Get ready, because it will be unbelievable.

🤝What is Aurora, and how did we meet?

Aurora is an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) developed by the talented NEAR Protocol team, which is dedicated to projects related to the blockchain industry. The main goal of Aurora is to provide developers with ready-made functionality to manage their applications. To this end, the NEAR Protocol team has developed Aurora, an Ethereum-compatible, high-performance, scalable, and future-proof platform with low transaction costs for all users.

Two months ago, bRing partnered with the Aurora team. We fully support our partners and strengthen our position in every possible way. Soon, all our users will have a stunning surprise — a new staking pool on Aurora.

⚙️ How does Aurora+ work?

Aurora+ is an ambitious project that will lead to a new technological breakthrough, not in the Aurora ecosystem but in the entire blockchain industry. The NEAR Protocol team set out to combine the innovative world of Web 3.0 with the convenience and value of Web 2.0. And they did it!

Aurora+ has several advantages that make it stand out from other platforms and projects. We will carefully consider every feature of this product.

Free transactions. It is no joke! Aurora+ offers all its users up to 50 free transactions per month. Many users (especially beginners) face difficulties using and understanding how cryptocurrencies work. More precisely, misunderstanding arises precisely with commissions for transactions. Aurora+ famously saves its users from the hassle and financial waste of fees by making transactions free.

The next innovation is AURORA Staking. Aurora+ users who stake AURORA tokens benefit both in the form of AURORA token rewards and many other bonuses in the platform ecosystem.

AURORA Airdrops remained for the final. For all users to enjoy the benefits of Aurora Staking, the team decided to distribute an Airdrop to everyone who joins the Aurora+ site within the first week after launch. Hurry up, don’t miss the fantastic bonuses.

🏆Aurobots — best NFT bonus from Aurora

The Aurora team is working on optimization and continuous development of its platforms and ecosystem. That’s why the Aurobots initiative was launched. It’s an exclusive collection of NFTs from renowned creator Mr. brown. It’s already available!

111 unique Aurobot NFTs will be randomly distributed among the lucky ones through several lotteries during the first weeks of the Aurora+ launch. And on top of that, Aurobots holders will also get a 10x increase in their monthly free transactions!

Do not waste time and increase your income with Aurora +!

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