How to Earn Max Rewards and Avoid Penalties Staking

2 min readMar 10, 2022

Hey guys! We wanted to give you a quick reminder about our new penalty system. You already know that you can claim your rewards and unstake whenever on bRing 2.0, but you won’t get your full reward if you do. Keep reading to learn how to make the most of your stake.

Penalty System

Our penalty system is flexible and varies from pool to pool. Essentially, you get penalized for claiming or unstaking early, but the penalty is applied gradually. Here’s how it works.

First of all, the percentage of the penalty and its duration are set for each pool separately. The size of the penalty decreases closer to the end of the pool. That is, you will be penalized for unstaking or claiming your reward before the pool closes. But the longer you stake, the smaller the penalty.

If you think you might not remember this when staking, don’t worry, we’ve got reminders in place for you on the platform. If you look in the “Unstake’ and “Claim’’ window, you’ll notice a warning that looks something like this, “Please note that you will be penalized for unstaking before 00/00/00”.

Example of Claim Confirmation

It displays the date you must wait until to receive your full reward. The date will be different for each pool.

Example of Unstake Confirmation

Some pools may be without penalty, and you just won’t see that warning in them. If the penalty system does not apply, you get your reward in full.

We know you can’t wait to stake on bRing 2.0, just remember that we have a penalty system now. As long as you pay attention and check on your stake from time to time, you’ll be safe. Pay attention and stake profitably!

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