January Review: Audit, bRing 2.0 announcement and Listings

Hey bRingers! We’re back from the holidays with our monthly review! With the upcoming release of bRing 2.0, 2022 is off to a great start. Keep reading to learn more about our improved project and what else is new with bRing.

bRing 2.0

A new, updated bRing 2.0 is coming soon! This new, externally-audited smart contract is an improvement from the original, but with even more rewards for our users!

When you stake in bRing 2.0, you earn rewards in the same token you staked. You can also claim rewards without unstaking your tokens, giving you even more DeFi freedom. What’s more, there’s a new, three-level referral system. The more friends you refer, the more rewards you’ll earn!

What hasn’t changed with the new bRring? You can still expect 90-day pools with high APYs.

Smart Contract Audit

We’re happy to announce that the smart contract for bRing 2.0 was successfully audited by Hacken, a security consulting company with a focus on blockchain.

In their official report, they stated that the smart contract was “Well-secured”, the highest possible rating. In fact, the auditors only found low-severity issues, so well-done to our development team! With the audit now behind us, we’re one step closer to releasing bRing 2.0.

New Listings

Lastly, we’re overjoyed to announce that bRing has been listed on Crypto.com and Defillama! Getting listed on these prestigious sites proves that we are getting even bigger and our project is worth investing in.


We are thrilled to share with you a pretty fruitful beginning of 2022 for bRing. Listings, a ready-made bring 2.0 smart contract and its audit are just the beginning. We have prepared many updates and are working hard to implement them. Stake with bRing and join us as we continue to grow!

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