November Recap

November was a productive month for us at We kicked off the month by launching a new Ring! Next, we attended Ukraine’s biggest blockchain conference, BlockchainUA, where we had the chance to promote bRing and connect with other industry leaders. We closed out the month with a successful AMA with Weld, an up-and-coming crypto payment entrepreneur. Keep reading to get the details.

New Ring Went Live!

Our second BSC Ring went live on November 1st! Our partners in this latest Ring include Smaugs, Weld, and Yarloo. If you’ve never staked on our Rings before, here’s a quick rundown.

We call our liquidity pools Rings because they unite several projects together, letting participants reap rewards from all member projects. This Ring includes four tokens, SMG, WELD, YARL, and BRNG. You can join by adding liquidity to one of these tokens on PancakeSwap, and then staking the LP token in the liquidity pool. Over the coming months, you’ll receive all the tokens in the pool as rewards.

As an example, let’s imagine you add liquidity to SMG and stake the SMG-LP token in the Ring. The first quarter, you’ll receive SMG, the next quarter WELD, the next YARL, and finally BRNG at the end of the staking period (90 days). You can take your tokens and leave whenever you like, but you won’t get all the rewards unless you commit to the full staking period.


We were proud to represent at BlockchainUA, one of the biggest blockchain events in Europe. We connected with other projects and listened to informative talks by leading blockchain experts. Events like these help to raise awareness of blockchain and DeFi technologies, expand the community, and most importantly, get the word out about bRing! We had a great time and can’t wait to apply all we learned to make bRing even better.

Weld — bRing AMA

We hosted an enlightening AMA with Weld, a partner in our latest Ring. It was an interesting conversation, and Weld shed some light on the likelihood of crypto-payment adoption in the CIS. Namely, Weld believes that current financial institutions are still oriented in the past. However, adopting crypto on major credit cards is the first step to winning them over.

Weld also detailed what makes their wallet different from their competitors’. Weld has a unique payment structure with no need for card replenishment. In time, Weld seeks to build a payment system for everyday use that can integrate with almost any other wallet, exchange, or credit card. Our community chimed in with some questions of their own and the best questions received $40 worth of WELD! We’re proud to have Weld as a partner in our latest Ring!

Wrapping Up

November was a busy month for us. We hit the ground running with the release of our new Ring and carried the momentum through the rest of the month. If you’d like to participate in our latest Ring but aren’t sure how, check out this article for a comprehensive guide and follow our socials to stay in the loop.

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