Swapping BRNG Between Blockchains with Bridge

3 min readMar 25, 2022

Excited to start using our new bridge but aren’t sure where to start? No problem, we’re here to walk you through the whole process.

First off, a little introduction for those of you who might not know. The bRing bridge provides you with a brand-new opportunity to transfer $BRNG tokens between the BCS, Harmony and Ethereum Mainnets with ease.

Keep in mind that even though we just launched on the Harmony blockchain you can’t buy $BRNG on Harmony. But for now, you can use the bridge to transfer tokens to Harmony.

This way, you need to move your $BRNG tokens from the Ethereum or BNB chains first. Then you can stake them on Harmony.

Let us open bridge.bring.finance first to get it started.

How to Use Bridge

Step 1: Choose Your Network. In this example, we’ll be swapping BRNG tokens from BSC to Harmony. You need to be on the chain you’re swapping from first. If you aren’t already on BSC, select “BSC Mainnet” from the dropdown chain list.

A MetaMask notification will appear to confirm the network switch. Click “Switch network” to continue.

Step 2: Set Your Parameters and Swap. Now that you’re on the right network, you should set your parameters and swap. Select “BRNG” for the token, “BSC Mainnet” in the top cell, and “Harmony Mainnet” in the bottom cell. Then click “Swap Now”.

A notification window will appear with the details, including the amount we are sending, receiving, and the estimated fees. Click “Swap” to complete the transaction.

More notifications will appear from MetaMask. Click “Confirm” on both of them to allow the bridge to access your tokens for swapping.

A notification will appear letting you know the swap is underway. It could take a few minutes if the chain is congested.

Another notification will appear showing the locked amount of tokens to be swapped. The bridge will now transfer networks from BSC to Harmony Mainnet.

Step 3: Confirm the Swap. More notifications from MetaMask will appear to confirm switching the network. Click “Switch network” and “Confirm” to complete the swap.

And that’s it, you just swapped BRNG between two blockchains using our bridge, congrats!


Remember, you can use our bridge to swap and stake between multiple blockchains (Ethereum, BSC, and Harmony) not just BSC and Harmony.

We’re actively looking for more partner projects to join our bridge. If you’re interested in adding your project’s token to bRing Bridge, fill out this form or contact us directly. Follow our socials for more news and updates.

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bRing is a decentralized cross-chain platform, enabling farming of multiple tokens via staking of a single coin.