TENEO — bRing AMA Recap

|bRing.finance: Hi Everyone! Our AMA has started! We will mute the chat for the AMA. As it’s unmuted you will be able to ask the questions that you have. 5 most interesting questions will be rewarded with $10 in TENEO tokens after their launch. Please welcome @CryptoEnthuh!

-Teneo.finance: Hello to everyone, I have to thank you for the opportunity!

|bRing.finance: Welcome to our chat and thank you for agreeing to make this AMA in our chat! Can you briefly describe TENEO for those who don’t know anything about you? What is so unique about TENEO? And of course, introduce yourself! 🙂

-Teneo.finance: Teneo as a project has different tokens. The main token is “Teneo” itself and will be used as a reward token. Later we will add more functions, but I cannot talk too much about them right now. The real usage comes from the tenXXX token. Like tenETH, tenWBTC, tenBNB, tenBUSD.

Which ones we add will be decided by community votes and partnerships later on.

The tenXXX token is a mix between WBTC and RFI. You wrap e.g. ETH to tenETH. The tenETH has transaction fees on the token that are redistributed to all holders. Like RFI-based token, but it is pegged on the price of ETH.

|bRing.finance: Thank you! When will TENEO be launched and open for the community?

-Teneo.finance: We aim for November and 2–3 launchpads on BSC (public sale). We are kind of sold out in the private rounds but we are still trying to get more investors and cut allocations. And I guess you can get some private conditions Ferrum Network (one of our advisors)

|bRing.finance: That is just around the corner! What’s your role in the company and how did you join the blockchain community? and Could you please tell me just a little more about the team and some of your backgrounds? Where are you all located?

-Teneo.finance: I am the lead dev and had the idea of the Teneo ecosystem. We got a core development team of 3 devs but if I sum up everyone who works actively at this project we are around ~8. Our core web dev and solidity dev is studying mathematics and programming. The other one is a web veteran and was one of the inventors of web-based databases. I am an embedded system engineer. Our other developers are mainly working on web3 solutions. We started our blockchain journey with chain agnostic data analytics. But then we had an idea for Teneo.

The marketing part of the project is handled by Crypto Society, our long-term friends, and also very qualified. To tell some key data:

  • Marketing lead at Redbull
  • International Marketing Agencies
  • Financial Advisor at Siemens
  • And of course, Ferrum Network is helping out where they can.

|bRing.finance: That is one impressive list 🙂 Every successful project has an interesting history prior to its creation. Can you tell people the story of your project? What motivated you?

-Teneo.Finance: Like I said we worked already in chain agnostic data analytics and our attention was caught by AMPL last year. And everyone who knows what happened is kind of frustrated by holding like every other cryptocurrency. Even with a very nice idea like AMPL (In my opinion, it is more about a price feed than a coin, but that’s another story). But it uses some nice mechanism. And later this year with reflect finance, we got another nice use case of this mechanism. But the big problem of RFI-like tokens is that it’s always a dead-cat-bouncing pattern. I don’t say it is one but it is a bit like a Ponzi (like any other asset also^^). But that counts even more because you need people after you that make transactions, so you can earn and you have to hope that this transaction doesn’t dump the price. The idea after this conclusion was simple. Just peg the price to other projects. This will be the perfect token for people like me. I’m a hodler… but a bad trader. So earning by hodling sounds like an amazing concept to me. (Teneo = lat. hodl)

We started last Christmas, coded, proved the concept, looked for funds, etc. The usual story. We also made a staking contract out of the mechanism that is together with the token contracts right now in an audit.

|bRing.finance: It really is an amazing concept! Tell us how the roadmap is currently developing. What will happen this year and what are your plans for the future?

-Teneo.finance: Right now we are waiting for the last audit to start with a functional product. The first tenXXX token will be tenBNB, tenBUSD, tenBTC. But don’t nail me down on that. After the launch, we want to add 1–2 tokens every 1–2 weeks. We are also aiming for a cross-chain product soon after launch. Also tenXXX token is perfect for collaterals, but not as good as token without a transaction fee so we are willing to release a solution for that to make it more usable for other projects, and of course, we also want to add vault programs, etc. We have also a new form of a DAO in mind but cannot talk too much about it yet. With the government, there should also be an easy way to create a new tenXXX token with a factory. For a timeline let me quote my favorite dev sentence: “When it’s done”

|bRing.finance: “When it’s done” Should be trademarked 😃 My next question is about your long-term marketing plans. How, or through which partnerships or promotions do you plan to promote TENEO?

-Teneo.finance: Teneo brings a huge impact on other token projects. Staking by the market volatility, without emitting. It doesn’t replace traditional staking but is a good additional way. That will cause some attention I guess. Every new tenXXX token is an event for Teneo and also for the project XXX. We are working on partnerships every day, and right now Influencers and well-connected VCs. Also, you can see the plans to let the community vote for the new tenXXX token and our DAO plans. We want to have an active community that makes real decisions for the project.

|bRing.finance: Does TENEO have a plan to attract non-crypto investors to your project? What are the plans for raising awareness around you in the non-crypto space?

-Teneo.finance: We are working on that. But I cannot say anything about that right now.

|bRing.finance: I understand. Tell us where can users buy your tokens? Or when will they be able to and in what networks?

-Teneo.finance: We start on BSC. We already have three launchpads in the line, but we are still in talks. It will be announced asap.

|bRing.finance: Please tell me more about the DApps that will be featured on your website? Will you add only your DApps or will other developers also be able to submit an application or something like that?

-Teneo.finance: At the beginning, there will be the swap/wrapper for the XXX->tenXXX/tenXX->XXX token. We are also ready with a staking contract for LP token and Teneo itself, but it still needs to be audited. So maybe we start with them, maybe with a partner… Do you know some? 🙂 In the future: cross-chain swap, vaults, factory.

|bRing.finance: We might 🙂 let us think on that🧐 Where can our users find out about your news and updates?


|bRing.finance: Ok, Thanks for your answers and the time! Greatly appreciate that you came to us today! I wish you all the best with your Launch!

-Teneo.finance: Thank you so much! 🙂

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bRing is a decentralized cross-chain platform, enabling farming of multiple tokens via staking of a single coin.

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bRing is a decentralized cross-chain platform, enabling farming of multiple tokens via staking of a single coin.

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