Latest News From Our Partners!

With so much going on we have decided to make a rundown on the latest news from our partners this past month.


APYSwap, leading cross-chain DeFi service provider for popular block chains like Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain, had some real changes this past week. Has migrated to Solebridge which is connected to any network APYSwap bridged to in the past. Solebridge provides users with convenient cross-chain transfers.

Read more about the Solebridge Migration.

Yellow Road

Yellow Road, a decentralized community IDO platform on the Binance Smart Chain, has announced their first round of token burning located on the Safe Road staking pool. Yellow road chose a ten month token burn model to encourage long term support.

Read more about Yellow Road Tokens Burn Model.


A project accelerator and investment platform, A2DAO is a community of experienced investors and crypto experts with millions of dollars in private sale investments and successful startup fundraising. Continuing to connect startups with smart capital, A2DAO recently reduced its total token supply using an oversubscription format. This a great sign of continued growth and value of their ATD token!

Read more about the New Format of Private Rounds.

Kyros Ventures

Vietnamese blockchain incubator Kyros Ventures recently featured Anna Norrevik on their cool podcast. The My Neighbor Alice CEO and Ops Manager at Chromia discussed the current state of blockchain gaming and upcoming trends.

Follow Kyros to stain in the know.


On chain cybersecurity protocol HAPI announced a new partnership with Polkalokr. HAPI will give them the most advanced cybersecurity protection, making their funds all the more safe. Providing clients with the highest level of security available, HAPI’s smart contracts can identify suspicious wallet addresses to prevent money laundering.

Read the latest news from HAPI.


1MlnNFTs is a smart-contract based web3 platform on Ethereum blockchain with 1000x1000 pixels grid. Each pixel is an ERC-721 NFT token! Users have an opportunity to buy, sell, rent and paint them to create any picture with any link inside. But to paint pixels you need another ERC-20 token. Recently 1MillionNFTs released a new staking program and lets it’s holders participate in world’s top leagues like UEFA EURO 2021 and NBA Playoffs 2021! Staking $1MIL will allow users to get NFT rewards from Rage Fan.

Read more about the New Staking Program.


Peanut, a DeFi services provider offering clients innovative ways to maximize profits and reduce risks. Peanut went open for public sale on February 2, distributing 6 million NUX in a Dutch auction format from smart contracts. Recently they have released a first iteration of Peanut Hedge Platform, now users of the platform can test the calculation of the preliminary savings.

To check out the iteration of Peanut Hedge Platform.

Raze Network

A substrate base cross chain privacy protocol on Polkadot, Raze’s native privacy layer provides users with complete anonymity, letting them make cross chain payments surveillance free. A long-awaited event for community members, Raze is launching their Public Testnet Launch. Raze plans on learning a lot while running the Testnet, encouraging users to more actively participate in reporting bugs and errors encountered on the network.

Read more about the Raze Public Testnet Launch.

Ferrum Network

Ferrum is a Defi ecosystem that provides blockchain solutions like staking and bridge opportunities, and focuses on building the biggest solutions for the most people. Ferrum recently partnered with BRing Finance in a mutually beneficial relationship that will ensure that both companies increase their influence in the crypto market.

Read more about the partnership.


DeHive, a multi chain asset management protocol, just launched their first cluster on Polygon. Along with other protocols in the cluster, they offer a new way of expanding the Polygon ecosystem. DeHive uses yield farming strategies to manage and optimize your crypto assets.

Read more about the DeHive’s First Cluster on Polygon.

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