End-of-the-Year Recap

The month of December brings 2021 to a close and what a year it’s been. We took some time to reflect on all we accomplished this year. Join us as we revisit the highlights.

First Quarter

The first quarter saw the start of our project and introduction to the community. We launched a Twitter and Telegram account for BRNG and were quick to gather feedback from members. We posted our first article on Medium, and introduced BRNG to the crypto world. As the quarter closed, we continued to build partnerships with interested projects and share the word about BRNG. All said, we got off to a great start.

Second Quarter

IDO Launch

We began the second quarter with an IDO launch with our partner YellowRoad. BNB was the base coin for the event. The YellowRoad Round began on May 3 at 12:00 UTC and lasted until 13:30 UTC. A public round was later held the same day. BRNG was listed at 14:00 UTC on PancakeSwap.

We are extremely grateful to YellowRoad for helping us start this journey and for their continued support.

Integrating with BSC

Before we could launch new liquidity pools, we had to choose a new blockchain. We decided on Binance Smart Chain for several reasons.

First, BSC has some of the lowest transaction fees. Second, Binance Smart Chain enjoyed steady growth throughout 2021. The network’s rise in popularity was reflected in the price of its token, BNB, which traded at more than $650 in early May.

At this time, the total number of transactions on the BSC network was close to 12 million. With the upcoming NFT marketplace launch in June, we knew BSC was going to attract even more attention and users. Our decision to integrate with BSC proved profitable and led to the successful launch of multiple Rings in the 3rd and 4th quarters.

BRing/ApySwap AMA

We finished the second quarter with an informative AMA with ApySwap, a member in our first Ring. BRing CEO Oleksandr Bodnar and ApySwap CEO Andriy Velykyy answered questions ranging from liquidity pool details to the state of crypto in Ukraine. The top 5 questions were awarded $100 in tokens.

Third Quarter

Coinmarketcap Listing

We were thrilled when BRNG was finally listed on Coinmarketcap in late July. Being listed on one of the best cryptocurrency industry utilities like CoinMarketCap was a huge achievement for our project. It not only demonstrated our credibility, but also our tenacity to accomplish our goals.

1st Ring Launch

Despite delays (audits, missed deadlines, and the like), we were able to launch our first Ring on Binance Smart Chain in mid August. In these LP pools, liquidity providers could stake one token and earn rewards in all four. The high APYs help attract participants: over 900% for BRNG-LP. We’re grateful to everyone in our community who took part in this first liquidity pool venture.

The More Partners the Better

The third quarter was one of growth and expansion as we partnered with multiple projects. Each project brought something special to the table and allowed us to progress in the DeFi space. We’re grateful to each and every one of our partners for their continued support and cooperation.

Fourth Quarter

2nd Ring Launch

We kicked off our fourth quarter with the launch of our 2nd Ring on BSC. Partners in this latest Ring include Smaugs, Weld, and Yarloo. Still active and open to staking for less than a month, these pools boast impressive APYs, from 125% to 225%. Stake now and let your tokens work for you.


We were proud to represent bRing.finance at BlockchainUA, one of the biggest blockchain events in Europe. We connected with other projects and listened to informative talks by leading blockchain experts. Events like these help to raise awareness of blockchain and DeFi technologies, expand the community, and most importantly, get the word out about bRing!

Weld AMA

We hosted an enlightening AMA with Weld, a partner in our latest Ring. It was an interesting conversation, and Weld shed some light on the likelihood of crypto-payment adoption in the CIS. Namely, Weld believes that current financial institutions are still oriented in the past. However, adopting crypto on major credit cards is the first step to winning them over.

Last Thoughts and Well Wishes

Look how far we’ve come. From our start in early March to the IDO launch in May and second Ring in November, it’s been a magnificent year. We’d like to say, “Thank You” to all team members and partners who helped us succeed. But most of all, we’d like to thank you, our community, for your continued engagement and support. Happy Holidays and see you next year.

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